Our mission:

  • “To innovatively use mobile technology, to create mechanisms for delivery of easily accessible, affordable, quality healthcare”
  • Improve access to affordable healthcare to millions of the working class, currently excluded from conventional government arrangements and private insurance schemes. 

Vision Statement:

To be the leading provider of affordable, quality healthcare in Africa through the use of appropriate mobile technology and continuous innovationCore Values:

Fundamental to our success will be the core values we believe in and practice, more specifically that:

  • Employees and partners are the source of Changamka’s success. We communicate openly, create and invest in an atmosphere for innovation and growth, treat each other with respect, promote teamwork, and encourage personal initiative and growth.
  • Customers receive our strongest commitment to meet their needs with high quality but affordable products and superior service.
  • Products are based on innovative technology, continuous improvement, and added value for our customers.
  • Our Conduct demonstrates the highest standards of ethics

Changamka MicroHealth Ltd [CML] is a Medical Insurance Provider [MIP] licensed under the Insurance Act, that utilizes technological innovation to facilitate financing of healthcare services. The company was incorporated in 2008 following years of research, product and software development; culminating in a mobile technology solution that provides access to primary healthcare to those excluded from the formal healthcare economy.

Changamka has partnered with GA Insurance as both Underwriters, in compliance with Regulation and Custodian/ Fund Manager. GA Insurance has been in this country for more than 50 years and is one of the strongest insurance companies in Kenya and a member of I&M Bank Group. Our premises are on the 3rd floor, General Accident House on Ralph Bunche road, is managed by the Founders who have more than 50 years experience combined in Insurance and Finance.

Our Motivation:

Stems from;

  • Poor maternal and child mortality statistics
  • High Mobile phone penetration
  • Product Innovation– Mobile Money
  • Unaffordability of health services for the lower income groups.
  • A low uptake of insurance due to high cost and lack of appreciation of the concept  (only 6.8% of Kenyans  use insurance products, 91%, have never taken up any insurance cover) 

Our Technology:

Our technology leverages widely available mobile telephony systems to create an ecosystem that enable our clients to save on a smart card through mobile money systems [M-PESA] and make payments at designated providers.