1. How do I find a Changamka Medical provider?

Please see “Service Providers” section on www.changamka.co.ke website or call 0713 394294/ 0732 411511

  1. What diseases are covered by the Changamka Smart Card?

All outpatient care with the following exclusions:

• Day care treatment

• Treatment on stolen cards

• Care outside territorial limits of Kenya

• Maternity other than pre-natal conditions

• Care outside designated clinics

• Vaccinations and inoculations

• HIV tests and treatment involving anti-retrovirals

• Any referrals

• Chronic illnesses

• Injury other than soft tissue injury

  1. Are X-rays covered?

No x-rays are outside the treatment protocols

  1. Are chronic illnesses covered?

Chronic illnesses are not covered upon diagnosis at the 1st visit to a Changamka provider.

  1. Who is responsible for the diagnosis of my condition?

The attending doctor/clinician shall be solely responsible for your diagnosis. Changamka shall reserve the right to require a second opinion at its own discretion.

  1. Can I top up for less than one visit?

Yes, you can top up for any amount of Kshs. 100/- or more. You however, can only use the card when you have Kshs. 450/- and Kshs. 730/- or above, depending on your preferred category of service

  1. What is the maximum I can save on my Changamka Smart Card?

There is no limit to how much you can hold.