Changamka Micro Health Ltd partners with Tech4Life as the main distributor in Kenya to promote world’s fastest growing mobile and web-based telemedicine solution, called ‘MDConsults’. Both Socially motivated organizations will work collaboratively to ensure high quality telemedicine services available to health providers all over Kenya at a reasonable cost. With population of over 43 million, Kenya is one of the most populous sovereign nations in East Africa.

Telemedicine is no longer an outlier in the healthcare industry. Indeed many believe it is the linchpin on which success of the new healthcare landscape rests. If effectively deployed, these services will enable the transformation of how healthcare is delivered today from traditional office-based and hospital settings to accessing services anywhere. This will be key to achieving the health reform objectives of reduced healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes.

What is MDConsults?

MDConsults is the flagship product of Tech4Life Enterprises. Tech4Life Enterprises is a socially motivated, innovative research and design company, specialized in telemedicine and point of care devices. The company designs and implements innovative programs and conducts market research to introduce the best practices in the field of ICT for development.
With the vision to strengthen health systems and provide better services for all, we have marked our existence across the world, over 5 continents, and continue to grow.
MDConsults’ is the world’s fastest growing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) complaint version of web and mobile telemedicine solution, aimed at improving access to health care in all parts of the world. It helps connect patients with specialists for providing diagnosis and care, without the need for patients to travel to the hospitals. MDConsults also empowers health providers and the patients to take better manage their health in their home environment. Its features range from live video-conferencing, using specialized telemedicine devices, to store & forward communication for assistance in diagnosis, and personal care using smart phone applications. MDConsults also allows reporting of radiology and pathology images from any part of the world. High level of data security and standards for data sharing make MDConsults one of the most versatile telemedicine solutions in the world.
The personal healthcare mobile application ‘MyMDConsults’ is developed to empower the individuals and caregivers for taking control of the personal health information and consulting health providers when required. This is an extension of the features provided by MDConsults to ensure access to healthcare at the community level. MyMDConsults enables the individuals to monitor their lifestyle, essential vital signs, lab results and other information, and share the essential information with their caregivers. The application also allows live and Store & Forward consultations with the health care providers.
MDConsults is a medium of communication between patients and health care providers that could act as a liaising agent between the developing and developed countries. MDConsults has been implemented in 6 countries with distributors now located in more than 20 countries and it has been providing access to healthcare in different health facility centers at Afghanistan, Tanzania, Nepal and Kenya.
Changamka MicroInsurance have been selected to be the distributor of MD Consults in Kenya. Please do contact them on presentation and purchasing of the product.
MDConsults is highly compatible with any diagnostic medical equipment and also with our high quality digital stethoscope ‘eSteth’ .
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