Our technology innovation is based on an Online Payer Provider Healthcare Data Exchange Platform (OPPHDEP) developed by Healthsprint Network PTE of Bangalore India. We have customized the Platform and effected various integrations to achieve a wide range of functionalities. OPPHDEP runs on WAP with an integrated mobile phone application for agents to use at the point of member registration and a browser application for Medical Providers, which enables them to capture details of services rendered. The system maintains Medical Provider accounts and settlement details as well as Client e-voucher balances and policy management parameters. OPPHDEP can generate SMS queries as well as bulk messaging. The system deploys a sequestered mWallet that is integrated to MPESA money transfer system for both B2C and C2B. All these functions run off the Safaricom GSM network and are available at remote locations across the region.
Our technology achieves the convergence of mHealth, mMoney and Mobile telephony and enables us Manage and administers Insurance Products, e-vouchers and text messaging.