V 13Changamka Microhealth Ltd (Changamka) is an integrated Health Finance company, set up to provide financing mechanisms for the delivery of affordable healthcare to the low end of the market using appropriate, innovative technologies. These technologies are primarily mobile phone and smart card based and includes mobile data capture and electronic data management capabilities.

Changamka is a private limited liability company Incorporated on 28th July 2008. Changamka started operations in September 2009. It is Kenyan owned and managed by 2 of its Founders. Changamka expanded it’s product portfolio, having identified a wide usage base for the Smartcard and technology, to include usage for e-vouchers and micro-insurance. Technology upgrade in 2011 included migration to mobile phone based applications.

Since commencement of operations in September 2009, Changamka has achieved the following milestones:

  1. Proved the concept for the Changamka Out-patient Card
  2. More than 9500 out-patient cards sold
  3. More than 3500 Maternity cards sold
  4. More than 50 Medical Providers accredited in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kikuyu and Naivasha
  5. Commissioned and Tested the technology [back office applications and connectivity solutions] and integration to mMoney (MPESA).
  6. Implemented technology up-grade that eliminated the need for smart cards and Point of sales terminals, both of which had proved to be barriers to scaling.
  7. Savings tips for cardholders through SMS solutions
  8. PPP with City Council of Nairobi for healthcare financing at Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Changamka has a staff complement of 25 with a wide base of skill sets ranging from Actuarial skills to ICT and Accounting as well as International Health Finance qualifications. The two Founders – Sam Agutu and Zack Oloo as joint CEO’s, lead the team.